IQOS reparieren und ersetzen

Nov 3, 2020

How to replace or repair your IQOS device

IQOS is manufactured with high quality materials and cutting-edge Heat-Not-Burn Technology. As it is an electronic device it requires care - but this does not mean that incidents are not possible. Nonetheless, this is nothing to worry about as the purchase and registration of the IQOS device comes with a warranty, an extensive technical service and an international assistance service to help you with any incident that may involve your device.

The important thing is not to attempt to fix it yourself or have unofficial services do so, as this may irreparably damage your device. Below we will provide you with a full explanation of everything you need to know about the most common IQOS problems, repairs and spare parts.


What to do if your IQOS has a problem?


First of all, make sure that your IQOS really does have a problem by running through the steps of our online self-diagnosis tool:

If your IQOS device is still malfunctioning after having followed all the steps given in our online self-diagnosis tool we suggest you contact the IQOS Care Team through any of our support channels, or visit the nearest IQOS Retail Partner which offers support services.

You can contact us via:

  • Live Chat, where you can send a message and we will answer you immediately. Go to the IQOS website and in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you will find the live chat icon; click there and explain your doubts. This service is available from Monday to Sunday, from 9AM to 9PM.
  • E-mail, by writing us your doubts at [email protected]. This service is available from Monday to Sunday, from 9AM to 9PM.
  • You can also call our hotline number 0800 90 10 91 from Monday to Sunday, from 9AM to 9PM.
  • Go to the website and find the nearest IQOS Retail Partner in the Store Finder.


What are the most common problems with IQOS?


Two of the most common problems with IQOS devices are:
- Broken heating blade: This part is the heart of the device and the most delicate part. Incorrect use or cleaning can damage it. If the plate has no tip, is twisted or broken, the IQOS will not function perfectly. This is what you should do if you believe that the heating blade is broken.
- IQOS does not turn on: Follow the steps given in the IQOS user guide to reset your device; if it still does not turn on, something has gone wrong. In these cases, we always advise our customers to contact our IQOS Care Team or go to the nearest IQOS Retail Partner.


Why buy spare parts for IQOS?


All IQOS parts have been manufactured in accordance with high quality and safety standards. Due to the complexity and advanced technology employed, parts like batteries and heating blades are not sold or marketed separately. It is important to consider that IQOS is the result of many years of research with science and technology having come together to create the advanced Heat-Not-Burn technology that can heat the tobacco without burning it, at an optimum temperature that does not exceed around 350ºC.

Due to its advanced technology, IQOS boasts very sophisticated elements by which to ensure its correct function. As it is a long-lasting electronic device, IQOS requires a powerful energy source. Additionally, the heating blade, the very heart of the device, and the Heat-Not-Burn Technology incorporate delicate, sophisticated ceramic components and platinum, silver and gold elements. These types of parts have advanced technology and cannot be changed or handled by the user. In order to guarantee its proper functioning, it is essential that the device is only examined by the official technical service. At IQOS we recommend that you always contact the IQOS Care Team or visit an IQOS Retail Partner in the event of failure or malfunction, where qualified professionals can help you with any issue that may arise with your device.


What parts of IQOS can be replaced?


Although you cannot replace the technological components of IQOS by yourself, there are some external parts of IQOS that can be changed depending on the model you have. To see which elements can be changed, refer to the accessories section.


Rapid replacement for your broken IQOS device


If you encounter a problem with your device, simply contact our IQOS Care Team at 0800 90 10 91 (free of charge within Austria). Our agents will, in warranty cases, organize the replacement for you right away with our rapid replacement service, where we will replace your device mostly within 3 hours.
Even if you are not in Austria, you can still make the most of the IQOS international warranty, thanks to the international assistance we have available for you.