smoking alternatives with & without tobacco

Dec 17, 2020

Smoking alternatives with & without tobacco

There are many alternatives out there today available for adult smokers, and each have different features and functions. Some adult smokers may have the tendency to wrongly group all smoking alternatives under one category: “e-cigarettes”. However, did you know that e-cigarettes are actually only one type of smoking alternative, specifically referring to a type of smoke-free alternative that does not contain tobacco? And did you also know that there are other types of smoking alternatives that exist beyond e-cigarettes, which contain real tobacco? Let’s take a look at these different options.

E-cigarettes: the tobacco-free alternative.

Electronic cigarettes – also called e-cigarettes or vapes – are one type of alternative to smoking. The key thing to note about e-cigarettes is that they do not utilize tobacco. Rather, they heat e-liquids (sometimes called vaping liquid), which evaporates, producing a vapor that is drawn from the device through a mouthpiece.
No combustion occurs when a legal-aged user draws from an e-cigarette, as nothing actually burns. While there is vapor, there is no smoke. This is why e-cigarettes are sometimes referred to as a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. In addition, the e-liquids utilized in e-cigarettes can come with or without nicotine, and generally come in various flavors, including tobacco flavor. So, while there may be e-liquids that produce a vapor that tastes like tobacco, e-cigarettes with real tobacco do not exist.

Tobacco heating systems: the smoke-free alternative.

As the name suggests, a tobacco heater is not used to burn tobacco, but to heat it. Tobacco sticks with specially processed tobacco are inserted into the device, where the Heat-not-Burn technology ensures that the tobacco is heated to a controlled temperature at which it does not burn and therefore does not produce smoke and ash.

Tobacco heating system or e-cigarette?

For adult smokers, it is a question of personal preference whether they opt for the e-cigarette or the tobacco heater. Both are smoke- and ash-free, but with the tobacco heater, as already mentioned, tobacco is heated, while the e-cigarette uses a liquid.