IQOS science machine

Jul 28, 2021

The IQOS Science Machine

Scientific findings govern large parts of our lives. At the same time, they are often difficult to access and to fully understand. At IQOS, we want to make science accessible, by showing it in action. To this end, the IQOS science machine has been developed.

What is the IQOS Science Machine?

The IQOS Science Machine is a device that shows the differences between combustion of a conventional cigarette compared to the usage of IQOS in a visually explanatory way. The machine illustrates the differences in temperature, exhaust emittance and the impact on air quality. These differences are remarkable: While tobacco is heated up to a maximum of 350°C when using IQOS, it burns at over 600°C when smoking a cigarette. Furthermore, your IQOS does not emit smoke, as cigarettes do, but an aerosol: Which is not comparable to smoke in its composition. The aerosol contains 95% less harmful chemicals* than cigarette smoke. During the process of combustion in a cigarette, tar is deposited – when using IQOS, no tar can be detected as combustion never occurs; an aerosol residue is formed, which differs from tar fundamentally.

All these aspects have been scientifically researched for many years. If you want to learn more about the science behind IQOS, we recommend the article “Heating instead of burning“. For those who don’t just want to read about the research findings, but experience them first hand, there is the IQOS Science Machine.

If you want to experience the Science Machine in action, during the next weeks you have the opportunity to see it on the Science Machine tour. Currently the IQOS Science Machine is placed in the following IQOS Partner Store:

IQOS Partner Store ‎Pragerstraße 93-99, 1210 Vienna


Update: 04.10.2021