indoor air quality

May 26, 2021

IQOS & indoor air quality

Indoor smoking.

A burning cigarette gives off smoke that is dispersed into the air & absorbed by textiles, carpets & walls. Smoking indoors causes an increasing number of substances such as carbon monoxide, nicotine or various organic compounds – all which are found in the air*.

Air quality with IQOS.

According to scientists from the Technical University of Kaunas (Lithuania), smoke-free products affect indoor air quality 10 times less than cigarettes. The effects of these products on air quality are similar those of burning candles.

The science behind.

Scientists have investigated chemical substances which are released when using IQOS to determine the influence of heated tobacco on indoor air quality1.
The nicotine and acetaldehyde concentrations of aerosols from tobacco heaters are far below the limit values specified by the European Union**. Studies show that IQOS affects air quality significantly less than cigarettes.