iqos, a smoke-free alternative

Nov 24, 2020

IQOS, a smoke-free alternative?

Smoking has an effect on various day-to-day aspects which range from personal hygiene and aesthetics - it stains teeth and fingers - to more social aspects - the smell that lingers on clothes, hair and breath or the smoke that may bother those around them. The best choice is to stop using tobacco and consuming nicotine entirely and this is why there are so many different products and methods available to help people quit smoking, like the nicotine patches and gum that can be found in pharmaceutical establishments.
IQOS is not among these types of products; it is not designed to help consumers to quit smoking.
Nonetheless, IQOS can be considered a better alternative to traditional cigarettes and a better option for those continuing to smoke, due to its many benefits. It is important to remember that IQOS is a device intended for adult smokers (1) only, who would otherwise continue to consume tobacco and who can, if they make the switch completely to IQOS, improve their everyday lives – because it creates no ash and produces no cigarette smell.


We present you: The Heat-not-Burn Technology.


This innovative system does not burn the tobacco - IQOS heats the tobacco to a controlled temperature of up to 350ºC, thanks to a heating blade inside the device that controls the temperature. At first sight, heating or burning tobacco may appear to be an unimportant detail, but in actual fact, it is the key to everything. As the tobacco does not burn, IQOS generates no smoke, instead producing a nicotine-containing vapor – not smoke – that dissipates more quickly than traditional cigarette smoke and which is much less dense. Additionally, IQOS produces no ash and differently to cigarettes, as there is no fire involved, there is also no risk of burning those around you, nor pets, clothes or furniture.


You wish to test IQOS?


If you are not sure that you want to make the definitive change, you can try out first-hand the advantages of IQOS with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase an IQOS Kit, conveniently try it at home & decide within 30 days whether to keep it or return it free of charge.


(1) Important information: IQOS is not risk free; it is not intended for non-smokers, children and other vulnerable people (pregnant or breast-feeding women, diabetics and those with heart problems or severely high blood pressure).