Complete Service

Aug 14, 2023

Take advantage of the IQOS Complete Service

The IQOS Complete Service is a comprehensive IQOS device maintenance service performed by an IQOS expert in just 3 simple steps. This free Complete Service is designed to help you get the most out of your IQOS device.


The following 3 steps are carried out, in order to ensure the best possible IQOS experience:


  1. Before/After Performance check
  2. Professional cleaning
  3. Firmware Update


Check out our Complete Service webpage or the FAQ section for more information of why these 3 steps are correlated with the performance of your IQOS device.


Why should you take advantage of the Complete Service?


The Complete Service not only ensures that your IQOS device works at its best, but it also improves your user experience and keeps your device in good working order.



How do you get your Complete Service? 

You can have your IQOS device professionally maintained free of charge when you bring it to the IQOS Boutique or one of the IQOS Partner Stores. You do not need to make an appointment. Our IQOS experts will aim to fulfill the Complete Service for you in less than 30 minutes.


We are happy to welcome you in our IQOS Boutique in Kärnterstraße, 1st Viennese district, or in one of our IQOS Partner stores.


As of now, you can also take benefit of our Complete Service in our IQOS Partner Stores in Liezen and Lienz.


Liezen and Lienz


Feel free to check your nearest IQOS store, IQOS Partner Stores and the IQOS Boutique with our Store Finder:


To the Store Finder


If you want to update your device by yourself, check-out our Firmware-Upgrade page, in which you can easily run a new firmware upgrade easily at home.

To the Firmware-Upgrade