Feb 6, 2023

Making New out of Old. With the IQOS Recycled Doors. 

Is it possible to close a circle in style?  


With IQOS Refreshed products, a commitment to responsibility is expressed that never loses sight of the pursuit for perfect design. Because we believe that this is best achieved through progress, technology and creation. 
Now, with IQOS Recycled Doors, you have a new chance to make a mark for your IQOS device starting 06.02.2023. 

Discover our new doors made from used IQOS devices that rethink our understanding of conscious design perfection - in four sophisticated pastel colors. Fall in love with Stone Purple, look forward to the sun with Stone Purple, look forward to the sun with Stone Lime welcome the first leaves of spring in Stone Green or give winter the cold shoulder with Stone Blue.


By fusing recycling technology and the recyclables of the devices, each door becomes unique. Elevate your IQOS to a new style level that matches your personality with our recycled limited edition accessory - for only €9. Limited Edition.

IQOS Recycled Door Cover


Discover the limited edition IQOS Recycled Doors collection from 06.02.23 in the Online Shop or in the IQOS Boutique and IQOS Partner Stores.