Friendship Day

Jul 28, 2023

Colorful partner looks with IQOS Accessories - for today and every occasion

Friendship enriches life with unforgettable memories and a feeling of trust and security. Therefore, there has been a day dedicated exclusively to our wonderful friends since 1958. We will show you how your Friendship Day can look like – with your friends and your IQOS device. 


Silicone Sleeves


A day full of possibilities. 

There are countless options for celebrating Friendship Day in the nature, especially during summer. You can go swimming in the lake, share delicious ice cream, or indulge in shared memories at a café. The colorful IQOS Silicone Sleeves provide the appropriate protection for all these moments. 

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Colorful Variety 

With our colorful IQOS accessories, you can give your IQOS device a personal touch. Whether you decide to go for a matching look with IQOS users you are friends with or make a statement for friendship with your favorite color, there are no limits regarding the color combinations. 

Lilac CAP & Door Cover


To the Cap

To the Door Cover


Sunset Red CAP & Door Cover

To the Cap

To the Door Cover

Aqua Blue CAP & Door Cover

To the Cap

To the Door Cover


You decide in which colors your Friendship Day will be celebrated. 

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