Tips & Tricks with IQOS

Jun 14, 2023

IQOS Summer Tips & Tricks

Start your summer with IQOS


The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer and the people are getting back to eating ice cream, visiting outdoor pools and enjoying parks. That sounds like summer is just around the corner!


While you probably know how to protect yourself during the hottest season of the year, you should not forget to protect your IQOS during this season as well. 



Summery IQOS-Looks



Summer, sun and good amount of care


This is how you enjoy the summer to the fullest and make the most of your IQOS.


Stay cool
Too much heat is not only harmful to you but also to your IQOS device. If your IQOS is outside the recommended operating temperature between 0-50 °C, the LEDs on your device will flash white, which means it’s time to cool down. Your device is better off in your pocket or backpack than in the blazing sun.  


No water, no problem
Even if you are cooling down in the water, you should make sure that your IQOS does not get any water on it and remains in a dry area.


Don’t forget the cap!
For the best user experience, change the IQOS Cap every 3 to 6 months. This way you ensure optimal aerosol production.


Care at the beach
Sand is everywhere, we know. Yet, protect your device from sand to ensure your IQOS’ longevity.


For the sake of the environment
No matter whether you spend your days at the beach, relaxing in the park or vacationing on the balcony. The IQOS Trays provide practical and appropriate disposal.


All cleaned up
In particular during summer your IQOS might get used more. In this case regular cleaning will make you and your device happy. 


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Fresh summer fashion


What's in, what's out? Here are three summer looks for your IQOS that will make your IQOS shine brighter than the sun.


Sunflower Cap & Door Cover

To the Cap

To the Door Cover


Tigerlilly Cap & Door Cover

To the Cap

To the Door Cover


Aquablue Cap & Door Cover

To the Cap

To the Door Cover


Lilac Cap & Door Cover

To the Cap

To the Door Cover

Create your own look


Nothing will hold you back from enjoying a wonderful summer season with these tips and tricks for your device and the newest IQOS looks. Discover our accessories.