IQOS Community

May 3, 2023

IQOS Community - Share Your Experience

We are happy to present you: your own IQOS Virtual Space, built together with you and for you!


May we present: The IQOS Community


The IQOS Community is a place for you to share your own personal experience with IQOS or show a beautiful image of your device – all while enabling you to see what other IQOS users in Austria love about their IQOS.

Simply visit the experience here and decide whether you would like to upload a story or a picture. All you then need to do is to leave your username and email address. 
That’s all it takes to share your personal, beautiful moments spent with IQOS. You can like other users submits, take inspiration on how they style their IQOS or reflect on how you can relate to their stories. 


Do you lack inspiration on what to post?


Pay the IQOS Community a visit for inspiration, or use one of the following ideas:


•    Your favorite coffee with your IQOS device, accompanied by sunshine and the morning silence.
•    You had a busy day at work and want to relax? IQOS in combination with the IQOS Cleaning Tool and cleaning sticks will ensure a moment of relaxation for you.
•    The accessory that you use to protect your IQOS device. 
•    You on your morning commute, your device and Coffee-To-Go always being by your side.
•    Working full focus and your laptop just magically fits the sleek elegant design of your IQOS? Your photo basically created itself. 
•    Or perhaps, you lack inspiration for a written experience?
Just ask yourself: Why do you love your IQOS?


We are looking forward to your inspirational photos and honest experiences. 

We are looking forward to seeing YOU in the IQOS Community.