Ein Reinigungs-Stick, ein Reinigungsstift und ein IQOS Holder nebeneinander.

Aug 16, 2021

Clean, cleaner, IQOS: The benefits of the correct IQOS hygiene

Small gestures can sometimes have the biggest impact. This is also true for IQOS: In order to use your IQOS device in the best possible way, a regular cleaning is key. That is why we are going to show you the benefits of incorporating an IQOS cleaning routine, how to clean your IQOS device in an a few steps, and which innovations are currently coming up.


Why clean at all? Benefits of the proper IQOS hygiene


The regular, thorough cleaning of your IQOS brings three big benefits:

1. Simplicity: Your IQOS is easier-to-use as inserting the tobacco sticks is easier.
2. Duration of consumption: Each single usage lasts longeras there are no impeding rests of tobacco that inhibit the device.
3. Quality of usage:The quality of usage remains continuously good, since a clean IQOS device produces more Aerosol.

As you see now, a regular cleaning pays off. How could such a cleaning routine look like?


Stay clean with IQOS Clean&Collect:


For maximum cleanliness, you have the option of a free professional cleaning service in the IQOS Boutique (Kärntner Straße 16, 1010 Vienna) as well as in the participating IQOS Partner Stores: The IQOS experts clean your device with the specially developed device. Moreover, with Clean & Collect there is the chance to receive small gifts for you and your IQOS device until November 30, 2021 (more information in the shop). So, what are you waiting for? Use the Store Finder today to find a location close to you and take your chance and join Clean & Collect:


To the Store Finder


Additionally, you can find a list of participating stores here:

IQOS Boutique Kärntner Straße 16, 1010 Vienna

IQOS Partner Store Pragerstraße 93-99, 1210 Vienna

IQOS Partner Store Bruno-Marek-Allee 21/1a, 1020 Vienna

IQOS Partner Store Gablenzgasse 5-13/UG/Top 16, Lugner City, 1150 Vienna

IQOS Partner Store Dr Adolf Schärf-Straße 5, Traisenpark, 3100 St. Pölten

IQOS Partner Store SCS, Ebene 1, Gallerie 21, SCS, 2334 Vösendorf

IQOS Partner Store Shopping City Seiersberg 3, 8055 Graz

IQOS Partner Store Schmidtorstraße 6, 4020 Linz

IQOS Partner Point Zehnergürtel 12-24, EKZ, 2700 Wiener Neustadt


The ideal IQOS cleaning routine for home


Regular cleaning at home should always be the foundation of your IQOS hygiene. We recommend following these three steps:

1. Let your IQOS Holder cool down for at least 30 seconds after use before you start cleaning. Only then pull the cap off the holder.
2. Tap the holder gently to remove any loose tobacco residuals. Now open your IQOS Cleaning Tool and carefully insert the brush element into the holder without rotating and then twist back and forth.
3. After every 20 tobacco sticks, you should also use an IQOS Cleaning Stick to clean the holder even more thoroughly. Use the stick for careful cleaning around the heating blade (no contact with the heating blade) and inside the holder cap.

If you need more information about cleaning and handling your IQOS device, please visit our FAQs.

Having a solid cleaning routine in your everyday life implemented, you have already mastered the duty of IQOS hygiene. However, real IQOS experts are aware that the high art is the professional cleaning in our IQOS Boutique or in one of the participating IQOS Partner Stores. Following this path you achieve an even more thorough purity for your IQOS device.


Update: 30.09.2021