We are celebrating 3 years IQOS Austria

Mar 31, 2023

Let the anniversary begin: Your new IQOS now for only €39

We celebrate 3 years of IQOS Austria. 3 years of growing together.
That's why we have a special surprise for you. Unpack your new IQOS now for only €39. Only until 16th of April.





Take a look back with us on a journey into the future


The IQOS community is constantly growing. For the past 3 years, we have enjoyed walking together into a future without smoke and ashes. But did you know how it all started and where our vision will take us?


First steps – Unique technology devices 


The IQOS 2.4+ and IQOS 3 DUO were our initial spark, completely without burning. Because since our very first day, we have relied on the pioneering Heat-not-Burn Technology. But that is not the end. We are constantly working to make our alternatives even better – and with the IQOS ORIGINALS DUO, we've taken our devices to a new, iconic level.






A better alternative – Even more comfortable


Who says that a better alternative to cigarettes can't become more comfortable? Almost a quarter of IQOS users in Austria have been sold on this. Through the compelling arguments for a second IQOS device. Always stay charged with energy. Just like at least one of your IQOS devices.