IQOS in the cold season

Nov 27, 2023

Aerosol Formation During the Cold Season

With the gentle autumn behind us, the onset of the cold season is approaching. The days are getting shorter, and many of us are taking out our winter jackets to protect ourselves from snow and cold. There are also some important things to consider for your IQOS device to ensure that you have an optimal user experience even in the winter. This includes achieving an aerosol formation. Here are some tips to help you with that. 






  • Store your devices in a warm, dry bag as they work best within a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. 
  • Avoid leaving the device in unheated places, such as a cold car or outdoors, as this can affect battery performance. 
  • To ensure optimal aerosol production, we recommend replacing the cap of your IQOS device up to every six months
  • Pay attention to the LEDs on your device. If they start to turn red due to being too cold, please refer to our troubleshooting page for further information. 


With this checklist, you and your IQOS are well-prepared for the cold season. 



More Protection, More Style


In addition to our helpful tips, our accessories also provide additional protection against scratches and cold. This ensures more safety and comfort while making a stylish statement at the same time.  


IQOS Original DUO






As mentioned earlier, we recommend changing the cap of your IQOS device approximately every six months. This also offers the opportunity for a change in color. 

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IQOS Door Covers  


The colorful response to cap replacement. With our Door Covers, you can choose your favorite from a variety of colors and combinations

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IQOS Cases 


With the arrival of cold and moisture, our IQOS silicone covers not only provide optimum protection, but are also a highlight on snowy days

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Our Team is Here for You! 

If you desire personal guidance on using IQOS during the winter, please visit one the stores or contact us online. 


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