IQOS Valentines Day

Feb 14, 2023

Express your unique style with IQOS accessories.  

Connection and togetherness. That's what we and many millions of people around the globe celebrate on Valentine's Day. Whether it's spending time together with our partners, best friends or just being completely self-determined in our own company. We are all united by the desire to belong. With IQOS you are part of a global community of over 19.5 million people* connected by one vision: Making a change by switching to a better alternative to cigarettes, enjoying less lingering odour, and moving away from smoke and ash.  


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Transform your IQOS into your very own personal companion - with IQOS accessories.

IQOS Cap & Door Cover Red Valentines Day


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To the Door Cover

IQOS Folio Red Valentines Day

To the Folio

IQOS Silicone Sleeve Blue Valentines Day

To the Silicone Sleeve

IQOS Sleeve Red Valentines Day

To the Fabric Sleeve

IQOS Tray Gold Valentines Day

To the Tray



Whether it's a high-quality disposal container, a colour-accentuating door or a stylish folio. With IQOS accessories, you'll always make a personal statement. Not just on Valentine's Day. The best part? Our accessories are compatible with every IQOS. Whether it's an IQOS ORIGINALS DUO or an IQOS 3 DUO. 

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IQOS brings people together, regardless of different tastes, styles and preferences. At the same time, your individuality is always emphasized. Let yourself be inspired by the colours and atmospheres of Valentine's Day and give your IQOS a very personal touch, too.  


Be inspired by other IQOS users and embrace your own individuality. Because as part of the IQOS community you can always be yourself.  



And how do you give your IQOS a personal touch?  



*PMI estimate 2022