6 differences between using IQOS and cigarettes

Jun 16, 2021

6 differences between using IQOS and cigarettes

The search for a better alternative to smoking is often difficult. The best option is always to stop smoking altogether. For those who would not entirely stop smoking otherwise, IQOS offers a better alternative to smoking. In this article we want to offer a comparison between conventional cigarettes and your IQOS device.


1. Heating not burning: While cigarettes burn tobacco at over 600°C to partially even 800°C, your IQOS device heats tobacco up to only 350°C maximum. This is possible due to the heat-not-burn technology.

2. Aerosol instead of smoke: As your IQOS device does not burn tobacco as a regular cigarette does, but heats it instead, there is no smoke. Instead, your IQOS device produces only an aerosol.

3. 95% less harmful substances*: With the Heat-not-Burn Technology the pollution burden in the aerosol, which evolves when using your IQOS device, is 95% lower than in the smoke of a regular cigarette*.

4. No second-hand smoke: The effect on indoor air quality of using an IQOS device is comparable to that of burning candles. Therefore, people in the vicinity of smokers are not burdened by second-hand smoke.

5. Less teeth discoloration: Over the last years of IQOS research, scientists found that the use of an IQOS device leads to significantly less teeth discoloration compared to smoking regular cigarettes**.

6. No tar: When smoking a cigarette, a residue mass called tar forms. This contains thousands of pollutants, of which some are proven to harm human health. In contrast, when using IQOS there is no tar***, instead there is only aerosol residue.


In conclusion, cigarettes and IQOS differ from each other in multiple essential points. This article is meant to support in the search for better alternatives to smoking. Nonetheless, the responsibility lies in your hands – IQOS offers a better alternative to smoking. However, quitting smoking altogether is always the best choice.



*”95% less” means the average decline in concentration of several harmful substances (not nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F). This does not necessarily mean that the health risk is 95% reduced. IQOS is not risk free. The tobacco used in it contains nicotine, which is addictive. 

**Once teeth are discolored because of cigarette smoke, a shift to IQOS will not reverse these discolorations. That’s why this benefit of IQOS can be seen most clearly after a professional dental cleaning and a complete shift to IQOS. Source: non-clinical lab study conducted in Switzerland, according to which human teeth and the most commonly used dental composite, after being exposed to the IQOS aerosol, compared to teeth, that were exposed to the smoke of a standard reference cigarette (3R4F), showed significantly fewer discolorations. Contrary to conditions in the real world, teeth were not subjected to other discoloring substances, such as coffee, tea or wine, which may affect results. 

*** “Tar” means the composite weight of the residue of cigarette smoke without nicotine or water. Information: Even though IQOS does not produce tar, IQOS is not risk free and delivers nicotine, which is addictive.