Get the best possible IQOS experience with our free Complete service.

The benefits of Complete service

Ensure your IQOS is working at its best


Optimize your IQOS functional experience


Keep your IQOS in optimal condition for longer

What your Complete service includes
Before/After testing

We test your IQOS device capability to deliver the aerosol. We do the test before and after to show you the improvement. If your cap is too worn, we will replace it for free.

Professional cleaning

We'll clean your IQOS device Pocket Charger and Holder, including the blade and the cap, remove any tobacco residue to improve the airflow and heating process for a satisfying experience.

Firmware upgrade

We'll give your IQOS device a professional check-up to make sure it's running as it should be, with a firmware upgrade if it is needed.

Taking care of your IQOS device is easy.

With regular cleaning, firmware upgrades, and support from our team – your IQOS will work in optimal condition for longer.

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Taking care of your IQOS device is easy