First steps with IQOS 2.4 PLUS

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How to use your IQOS 2.4 PLUS

A short step-by-step guide for your first IQOS 2.4 PLUS use:
1. Check if your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Pocket Charger is turned on by pressing the charger button for 1 second. 
Lights are showing on your charger? You are ready to go. If not turn on the IQOS 2.4 PLUS Pocket Charger by holding down the charger button for 4 seconds or charge your IQOS with the IQOS™ Power Adaptor and USB cable.

2. Open the lid, insert the IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder into the Pocket Charger, and close the lid. The flashing LED indicates your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder is charging. 

3. Take the Holder out of the Pocket Charger and gently insert the tobacco stick into the Holder. Remember not to twist the tobacco stick. 

4. Press and hold the Holder button. After one vibration, the Holder light will pulse slowly. When the light stays solid white, your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder is ready to use. 

5. When the light fades out, slide open the Cap and remove the used tobacco stick and recharge your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder.

How to Charge your IQOS 2.4 PLUS

Make sure your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder and Pocket Charger are always ready when you need them. 

1. You should charge your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder after every use. To start, first slide the Cap upward and remove the used tobacco stick.

2. Then put the Holder in the Pocket Charger and close the lid. When the light flashes, that means the Holder is charging.  

3. Wait a few minutes and the small light should stop flashing. That means your Holder is ready to go. 

4. After consuming up to 20 tobacco sticks, recharge the Pocket Charger with the IQOS™ USB-Power Adaptor and  IQOS™ USB Cable.

How to Clean Your IQOS 2.4 PLUS

For an optimal performance, keeping your IQOS 2.4 PLUS clean is important.  Thankfully, the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool does most of the work for you: 

1. To start the cleaning process, leave your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder to cool. 

2. Take the Cap of your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder and tap the Holder to free any loose tobacco stuck inside. 

3. Now remove the lid from the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool. Insert it into the Holder and rotate the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool.

4. After approximately 20 tobacco sticks you should also use the IQOS™ Cleaning Stick to clean your IQOS 2.4 PLUS Holder. Use it gently. 

5. Lastly, don’t forget to clean inside the IQOS™ Cap. It’s a good way to ensure optimal use.


1. Inserting tobacco sticks

Make sure you don't twist the tobacco stick while inserting it into your IQOS 2.4 PLUS, since this can damage the heating blade.

See the Quick Start Video


2. Charging your IQOS 2.4 PLUS

Remember to keep your IQOS 2.4 PLUS battery charged daily so that it is always ready for use when you need it. Little tip - try to charge it at the same time as you charge your phone. Your IQOS 2.4 PLUS will charge faster if you plug to a wall power outlet.

See the How to Charge video


3. Using your IQOS 2.4 PLUS

You only need to press the IQOS 2.4 PLUS Power Button once to activate the heating blade. Once the light indicator goes from blinking to steady, it’s ready. Pressing the button again may turn your device off.

See the Quick Start Video

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