IQOS Duo and IQOS One

Apr 24, 2024

Here we go: Celebrate the IQOS anniversary with us.

10 years of IQOS! What a celebration: In Austria IQOS is celebrating its proud 4th birthday, while worldwide IQOS is celebrating its 10th anniversary already! And with that, a whole decade of our innovative vision of a future without smoke and ash. 


Celebrate with us: Get the exclusive €20 anniversary discount on your very first new IQOS device now. Valid until 4th of June 2024.

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IQOS Boutique



How it all began - the start of our joint journey towards a smoke-free future


The IQOS community is growing and growing: For 10 years now, we have been working together worldwide on the vision of a future free of smoke and ash. But did you know how it all began and where our vision will take us?



Our first steps - devices with a special technology


We are celebrating 30 years of innovation: research into smoke-free products began back in the early 1990s. After years of intensive development, the first IQOS model celebrated its premiere in Italy and Japan in 2014. Today, we estimate that 28.6 million people worldwide use IQOS. And in Austria alone, in addition to our IQOS boutique in Vienna, 20 IQOS Partner Stores have been opened to date! Of course, we are not resting on our laurels: We are constantly working to improve our service.

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IQOS Originals Duo Silver



A better alternative than cigarettes


IQOS is our innovative, comfortable smoke-free alternative. Which you can use even more conveniently: with a practical second device. Just like many IQOS users in Austria. Because whether at home, outside or on the move: with the second device, you always have your IQOS to hand. And thanks to the personalization options, you can express your individual style even more.

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